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The Last Jedi Trailer Thoughts and Comments

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The latest trailer for The Last Jedi has create a frenzy of theories and conjectures.   Numerous leaks and spoiler videos all purporting to reveal the real storyline. Everyone will have to wait for the releas of the movie to know for sure. But there are several questions we are all hoping to get answered with the openeing of The Last Jedi.

Who is Rey? Who are her parents, and where did she come from? Is she a descendent of an existing Star Wars personality, or someone not yet revealed?

Who is Snoke and what is his true origin and identity? How will this reveal how to defeat him?

Will Luke or Rey turn to the dark side?

WIll the true origins of the Jedi be revealed and will this change everything we have been told about the Jedi?

It is always fun to theorize and hear the possibilities about what the movie will be about, but nothing is as much fun as going to a movie without expectations and being surprised and entertained by what unfolds as you watch the movie for the first time.That could be why the best memories are the movies you watched as a child, enjoying and experiencing the movie without knowing what would happen next.




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